Time Tracking Software – An Implication on the business

Employees are the corner stone for the success of every organization if an employee feels miserable it reflects in the overall performance of an organization. Time tracking should not make the employees feel tied up and it will show in the quality of work they do. When the overall quality of work goes down, the organization will lose it customers and the total turnover will come down resulting in losses to the company.  However, the bond between employees and employers can certainly be strong with the usage of the right employee time clock management.

Here are a few more pointers to keep in mind before you choose the time tracking software.


Costs incurred to implement

The costs of implementing the time tracking system can be significantly high as it requires proper hardware and high end software, the hardware requires cash outflow by the company at once whereas the software requires constant renewal of licenses from time to time. The company also has to incur lot of cost to maintain this as they can’t afford any breakdown in the time tracking system. Any unseen breakdown in the system may disrupt the whole organization and hence the maintenance and repair cost are an important factor to be considered regarding the employee time clock tracking system and its usage.

Possibility of errors

Errors in the system; software is always prone to the risk of unseen errors. Most of the time the errors in the software may not even come to the notice of the users until it becomes a complete debacle.

High employee turnover

Risk of high attrition, it is well known that nobody likes to be monitored all the time. The employees may not like the idea of their every move being tracked by the company and it may snatch away the sense of freedom from them. Though they may understand the reasons behind the surveillance it but may not appreciate; and end up seeing it as too much control being placed on them and start looking for other job where the controls aren’t this high. Time tracking shouldn’t become an invasion in to the employee’s privacy in the name of monitoring of work.